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Wonder World

Young adult sci-fantasy

In a theme park filled with glittering video magic, great gods made of light attack the planet through a Rift in the sky. Iriesa and her friends are tasked with stopping them—but when she learns that the theme park is secretly trapping the lightforged beings to harness their energy, she must decide: follow orders, or find a way to free the mysterious beings that have been plaguing her world.

Fantasy/Science Fiction Author

Jeremy Thomas Fuller

I’m a fantasy and science fiction author, game designer, graphic designer and music composer. My music is available on all popular platforms, and my word game, World of Words, is available on iOS.

I live in San Francisco with my wife and two dogs. Fantasy is my first love—there’s something about magic and mayhem that has interested me since I first cracked open Lord Foul’s Bane in the seventh grade. Also archery.

There always seems to be a lot of archery involved.

When not working on my various creative endeavors, I enjoy travel, photography, hiking, and watching any kind of movie that does not involve a chainsaw massacre. I also make a really great Old Fashioned.

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Other Books

Attention Deficit

When people live or die by the attention they receive, Mila—a nearly immortal musician—must stop her mad scientist father from draining the city of all of their attention, killing them all.

The Lucent Gaze

In a near future where projection technology allows people to present as any gender they desire, Aer must destroy the very thing that allows them to self-express: the Gaze, a government-run social media platform that controls people’s minds.

The Calamity Disaster

When Callie accidentally creates the best episode of reality TV in the galaxy, she is sent to the Ratings War—Hunger Games for reality TV—where the loser’s planet is destroyed.

The Depths That Lie Beneath

When Alice—a neurodiverse pathological liar—falls into a pond, she emerges in a fantasy world of water and magic where she must come to grips with her sexuality and the truth of her mother’s death.

Dragons of Wind and Leaves

When Skye’s boyfriend destroys her home and kills her parents, she finds herself embroiled in a fight for the entire endless sky—and for the mysterious world below it, a forest with no ground.

The Great Wish For a Good Spice Tea

After Wishing for some good spice tea, a herd of rabbits killed Bitteric’s wife. Now he must trick the Deuses to bring her back. And nothing—not even a trip to the Mayan hell world, or six hundred chattering ferrets—will stand in his way.

The Prime Phoenix

When Phoenix discovers that her father is mind-controlling an entire flying city, she must conquer her anxiety and use her magic—and flying cars and flaming swords—to stop him.

The Prime People

Phoenix meets the People, the 1% of humanity left surviving on Earth’s surface. Now she must stop their leader—a ruthless, powerful mage—from using a supervolcano to destroy the planet.

The Prime Awakening

When the topsiders trapped in the flying city of New San Francisco finally escape to the ground, they meet the magic-wielding aliens called elves—and are faced with a merciless human warlord who threatens to destroy them all.

The Prime Ascension

Trey finally learns the story of how humanity was defeated three hundred years ago. When Jessica discovers magic that can cure her son’s cancer, she also learns that the beings who hold that magic—aliens who call themselves elves—are on a mission to destroy all of humanity.

The Prime Trees

Back in present time, Arra becomes the first Prime Mage in five thousand years, setting in motion the final battle that will defeat the horrible elven overlords who plunged Earth into this dystopia to begin with.

The Prime Pyramid

The Cothellon are finally defeated, but now a new threat looms: the Fall, a device so powerful it can destroy the galaxy. Deep in the deserts of the planet Valaralda, Trey hunts for the one thing that can stop this disaster in its tracks.

The Prime Arrival

When the dark, all-powerful witch behind some of the worst atrocities in elvenkind’s history is finally unmasked, Trey and Arra must unlock the secrets of Soul Magic—and all the evil that comes with it—in order to defeat her.

The Prime Mages

The secrets behind the Twins—the all-powerful gods who power magic itself—are finally revealed. Now hundreds of battle-hardened Prime Mages must form an army, going up against the most powerful foes ever encountered.

The Prime Redemption

Aten—the powerful mage who has been plotting for a hundred thousand years—finally reveals his plan: he’ll take control of the Fall, shaping magic itself to his evil will. And no one—not even the Twins themselves—can stop him.

Tooth, Claw, Flame

In a fierce jungle world where magic has mysteriously disappeared, a genderfluid human, a humanoid wolf, and a dragon hatchling must put aside their differences and unite their warring species to stop an evil mage intent on returning magic to the world.


Write drunk, edit sober.

– Ernest Hemingway

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