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Wonder World


Five hundred years after a botched gene editing attempt nearly wiped out mankind, humanity has finally rebuilt. Only this time, things are different.

This time, we discovered magic.

In the glittering, neon metropolis of Legacy, only the most powerful have access to the power in the pixels that litter the night. Through this magic masquerading as high technology, corporations and the Church vie for control of the human race. Nowhere is this more present than in Wonder World, the amusement park at the center of the city.

Avalon is the greatest video game player in the world. When a beta test of the newest Wonder World ride results in one of the participants dying, he finds himself thrust into a murder mystery beyond his wildest imagination. This isn’t just some random death. This is something bigger. Something new.

This is a fight for the existence of the human race.


Epic urban fantasy



~100,000 words


First draft