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This post is part of my “Broadway in Review” series, where I explore shows on and off Broadway, including national tours and out-of-town engagements.

Groundhog Day (Original Broadway Cast)

This show made me cry. Tears of joy. Not kidding: one of the songs is so funny I actually cried. This is the anti-Dear Evan Hansen, and it was a great palate cleanser after that emotional show. Also, the show is just plain good. I could literally list hundreds of things that were super clever or cool or funny or touching, but if I say anything it will be a spoiler, so I won’t. Go discover it for yourself.

This is an immensely complicated show from every perspective. I thought I was able to pick up on a lot of what they were going to be doing in advance, but they still managed to subvert my expectations for one of their big lyrical reveals. Let’s just say I was impressed, and that’s not easy.

This show is funny as hell. The score could be better, but it really doesn’t matter much. It’s there when it needs to be, and even when the melodies aren’t great the lyrics or other funny moments make up for it.

Also this show has seven nested turntables, which they actually use for a huge amount of things. I really feel for the cast of this show—it’s so complicated, learning it must have been a nightmare. Especially when changes were coming down.

The cast: Scratch another Legally Blonde original cast member off my list of people seen live: Andy Karl is fantastic, and this role was made for him. That said, this show will easily tour—providing they can bring their bonkers turntable setup with them.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Verdict: See this show. You’ll probably be okay to wait for a tour, but if you’re in NYC make it a priority.

NB: It felt great to laugh so much after Dear Evan Hansen.